Stars Wagon free until 2016

Get the opportunity to play Stars Wagon “Standalone Edition” for PC, MAC and Linux for free until January 1st of 2016. Download it now on Desura:     Davis, CA: On Thursday 8th of October 2016, Amsgames, LLC decided to promote the game and expose it to the gamers by giving it “ridiculously” at 100% […]

Stars Wagon at IGDA CR 2015 Expo

This past Saturday, 3rd of October of 2015, Amsgames presented Stars Wagon at “3ra Muestra de Videojuegos Costarricenses“, an expo organized by IGDA CR (International Game Developers Association Chapter Costa Rica) and Ministerio de Cultura of Costa Rica at the CENAC (Centro Nacional de la Cultura).   The game was one of the 16 games presented during the expo, along […]

Stars Wagon live on Twitch during may

In order to promote and approach gamers prior its release in Desura on May 31st, Amsgames is going to play Stars Wagon “Standalone Edition” live on Twitch during may. The live stream will take place on the company’s official Twitch channel on May 4th, May 11th, May 18th and May 25th of 2015; each session […]

Stars Wagon available in Desura on May 31st

Davis, Ca: On Monday 27th of April 2015, Amsgames, LLC received the notification from Bad Juju Games indicating that Stars Wagon has been approved for its publish in their platform, as result Stars Wagon will be available in Desura on May 31st. The company sent Stars Wagon “Standalone Edition” to revision the week of the 20th of April in hopes of its approval. […]

Stars Wagon PC version preview

After a little over a month of its release on mobile (March 5th 2015) we, at Amsgames, are proud to announce that the standalone version of Stars Wagon will be released soon for PC / Mac and Linux. The company is planning to release the game on many major indie game stores like Itch.IO and […]

Godrem a simpler tabletop strategy game

Our dear friend, David Madrigal, the awesome artist who worked for us in Golden Black‘s concept art and Rocket Surfer‘s (canceled project) characters has recently announced and shown to the public his own project, Godrem, a tabletop strategy board game set on a fantasy world. Godrem’s gameplay mechanics are based on positioning the player’s figurines strategically on […]

EZ PZ RPG allows you to progress while you sleep

Today we received an email from our friends at R2 Games, a game publisher who recently published a new version of their RPG game EZ PZ RPG. Their innovative approach with EZ PZ RPG is to allow players to level up their characters without having them to invest too much time and fatigue playing the game, letting them progress […]

Game development service

Davis, CA: On Monday March 23rd of 2015, Amsgames launched its Game Development Service, the company aims to attract studios and opportunists with this offering, that will help them with the development of new or on-going game projects. The following link contains an extended description of the service: Game development service page On the service’s launch, Amsgames CEO Alejandro […]

PRESS RELEASE: Stars Wagon launch

Greetings Amsgames celebrates the launch of the colorful space shooter “Stars Wagon” Are you looking for a fun space adventure at the palm of your hands? Davis, CA: On Thursday 5th of March 2015, Amsgames, LLC, a small independent video game company, announced the launch of their first commercial game “Stars Wagon” on Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play […]

Privacy Policy Update of February 2015

Davis, CA: On Friday February 27th of 2015, Amsgame updated its privacy policy to further describe how and why game products may collect personally identifying information. The changes to the policy are: The mentioning of Stars Wagon and Golden Black as products that may collect information, directly indicating that the policy applies to these games. Description […]