WB Climate interview by Costa Rica's newspaper

One of Costa Rica’s most important newspapers, La Nacion, invited Alejandro Mostajo, one of WB Climate’s developers, to talk about the game, it’s development process and the World Bank’s “Apps for climate” competition.

The interview covers Alejandro’s comments on how the project was born, what is the game’s purpose, how the game interacts with the World Bank’s climate change information and more. The game got the newspaper’s attention due to its importance towards climate change and education.

The article was printed in the following week’s newspaper and got an online post with an extended interview that can be read and be watched in the following link (in spanish).

WB Climate

WB Climate

Published by AMSGAMES CHALLENGES. WB Climate creates awareness about the climate change with a fun gameplay. This game was an entry for The World Banks apps for climate [...]

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