Golden Black published at Kickstarter

Golden Black, the cross-platform RTSMMO game project, that we have been working on for months has been published at Kickstarter.

After long months of development, planning and preparation, we have finally reached our first goal which was to publish the project in Kickstarter. Now we are aiming to reach the second goal (releasing the game) with the help of awesome backers. The game challenges the industry with a gaming experience never seen before in the RTS genre; we want to innovate and push forwards RTSMMO in the right direction.

We are aiming to develop the game for iOS, Android and Steam, using Unity3D once the project is funded. For more details please review the project page at Kickstarter.


Is it playable?

Currently, the game is in a prototype version; it runs fluidly at 60 fps in a Samsung Galaxy S3 device (with some drops at times) and it covers the most basic RTS game mechanics (structure building, unit control and combat). It also uses Parse services to implement cloud saving.

The prototype is low poly and will serve as a mockup for a later graphical upgrade. We haven’t develop the online interaction yet, its development will be key for the project’s scope and ambitions.

When did the project started?

The game concept was born in April 2013; a more elaborated game design was created in form of a paper prototype in May, after its approval, the development of a playable prototype began in June and ended in late November of 2013.

The company was not formally created at that time, so we had to work and save money to create the business and continue with the plans. In July 2014 the company was formally created in California, US and we had green flag to start preparing the Kickstarter campaign.

The process has been long but rewarding.


The game

For more information, please visit the game’s profile page or its Kickstarter project page.

The project has been published on steam greenlight as well.

Special thanks:

I’m taking the time to thank these people for helping us reach this stage:

Jose Cruz, Manrique Cortes (from Rubik Studio), Esteban Achoy (from Rubik Studio), Yahaira Arais (Tico Pub), Edder Rojas, Eduardo Mostajo, Soleana Saenz, Cohymbra Saenz, Isabel Carazo, Carlos E. Mostajo, Andrea Crespo, Marykate Cruz, Jose Pablo Monge, Pablo Camacho and Leo Roque.

Golden Black

Golden Black

Golden Black is a cross-platform RTSMMO game, themed on pirates; start adventuring into the games world looking for quests, bounties and challenges; the game will evolve getting bigger [...]

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