Kuri Fest Costa Rica 2014

San Jose, Costa Rica: Amsgames participated in the “Kuri Festival” which took place at “La Antigua Aduana” this past November 22nd and 23rd. During the event the company showcased 2 of their related games on the show floor. This event has been the biggest one in which the company has participated.

Alejandro Mostajo Amsgames CEO said:

Kuri has been great for us. We had a lot of exposure and feedback from the public, We are very glad that we were invited!

The company participated representing IGDA Costa Rica (International Game Developers Association) alongside Green Lava Studios, Frame 3 Studio and Diego Paut.

The games

Amsgames presented Golden Black and The Gray Girl demos in the show floor:

Golden Black

A playable android version of the game was on the show floor, many gamers played the in-development game for many minutes.

The Gray Girl

Although The Gray Girl was officially released on Android, a playable PC version was at the show floor instead, this version used a controller for user input.



During the event, Amsgames challenged gamers to beat Alejandro’s high score for a free fast food combo. The challenge was a success for the company and while there was no winner, the exposure and experience were amazing.

On this, Alejandro said:

The challenge was something that we thought about during the first day of the event when a gamer approached us for a rewards for beating the high score. The challenge helped The Gray Girl to attract gamers and keep them entertained.

Playing The Gray Girl at Kuri 2014

The Gray Girl has seen an increase of downloads and 5 star reviews after the event.

Visit the company’s Facebook and Twitter pages for more information about Amsgames participation in Kuri, as well as for more news. The videos here were recorded and published by “Revista Yume” (Costa Rican magazine). For more information about the games, please visit their profiles:

Golden Black

Golden Black

Golden Black is a cross-platform RTSMMO game, themed on pirates; start adventuring into the games world looking for quests, bounties and challenges; the game will evolve getting bigger [...]

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The Gray Girl

The Gray Girl

Published by AMSGAMES CHALLENGES. The Gray Girl is an endless runner game developed by A. Fernandez, A. Mostajo, G. Meono, D. Paut and M. Villalobos for The Global [...]

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