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Amsgames celebrates the publish of “Golden Black” on Kickstarter

Do you feel like a pirate?

Davis, CA: On Monday 10th of November 2014, Amsgames, LLC, a small independent video game company, announced the publish of their unique RTS MMO game “Golden Black” on the crowd-funding website Kickstarter. Golden Black is an ambitious RTS MMO game, themed on pirates and to be released on PC, iOS and Android; which proposes a unique gaming experience that mixes classic RTS game mechanisms with MMO, MOBA, RPG and SANDBOX elements.

Of the game’s playable feedback and scope, Amsgames CEO Alejandro Mostajo said:

Upon listening the feedback obtained from the prototype and visualizing the game’s future, we believe that Golden Black will push the RTS genre forward, evolving it into something new and fresh for the gamers.

After long months of prototype development, the company decided to publish the game on Kickstarter aiming to get the funds needed to finish the development of a public release:

Golden Black Game Promo

Golden Black’s approach on the RTSMMO genre is unique; the idea of having a never ending gaming experience where the player can navigate across maps playing RTS doesn’t exist in the market. The addition of having a customizable and upgradable hero only adds value to a gaming experience with huge potential.

The game’s design and theme open the opportunity to make it grow on features after its release and success. Amsgames wants to create a gaming community and expand the game’s capabilities.

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Golden Black is on prototype stage; the playable “low poly and mockup” prototype covers all basic RTS mechanisms running at 60fps on PC and Mobile.

Amsgames spent most of its development efforts on verifying if the game concept was achievable on low-end devices without compromising the gameplay experience. The company has a private Android demo that can be downloaded from Google Play. Want to try it?

With the funds from Kickstarter, the company mainly plans to improve the game’s graphics, making them look like the ones from the concept art (which were created after the prototype), and plans to develop the online experience.

The company is betting on the game concept and the online experience for the project’s success on Kickstarter; upon this, Alejandro Mostajo said:

For Kickstarter, we could have spent the project’s budget in just creating a game visualization, instead, we have chosen to develop something playable to make sure that our idea was achievable and we hope that the gamers can value this.

Golden Black is also published at Steam’s Greenlight in order to get feedback towards the game.

Download Golden Black’s press kit.

Golden Black

Golden Black

Golden Black is a cross-platform RTSMMO game, themed on pirates; start adventuring into the games world looking for quests, bounties and challenges; the game will evolve getting bigger [...]

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