Game development service

Davis, CA: On Monday March 23rd of 2015, Amsgames launched its Game Development Service, the company aims to attract studios and opportunists with this offering, that will help them with the development of new or on-going game projects.

The following link contains an extended description of the service:

Game development service page

On the service’s launch, Amsgames CEO Alejandro Mostajo said:

Based on our latest business plan and market reading, we believe that this service will attract clients because of our expertise, quality of service and competitive rates.

The company’s near-shore development team is located in San Jose, Costa Rica; giving the opportunity of lowering production costs and offering competitive rates.

On the service’s goals, Amsgames CEO Alejandro Mostajo said:

We expect to have 1 or 2 clients by the end of the year. This is our goal for the success of the service this year.


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