Godrem a simpler tabletop strategy game

Our dear friend, David Madrigal, the awesome artist who worked for us in Golden Black‘s concept art and Rocket Surfer‘s (canceled project) characters has recently announced and shown to the public his own project, Godrem, a tabletop strategy board game set on a fantasy world.

Godrem table top strategy board game example

Godrem’s gameplay mechanics are based on positioning the player’s figurines strategically on the board while they attack and defend from their opponent. The attacking and defending actions are done using a dice with the addition of special elements, such as crystals and oracles, as described in the game’s official rules set (in spanish).

Godrem table top strategy board game

The pictures released speak for themselves and on behalf of David’s talent. The game looks gorgeous; the board, the cards and even the boxset presented are top quality; definitely encourages people to try it out.

Of the game’s approach, David Madrigal said:

I made Godrem because I like the theme and the epicness of strategy board games. This type of tabletop games is usually complex and with huge boards to play with, my approach was to focus on something simpler and with as much strategy as possible, like chess, but without sacrificing the beauty of its art style.

The game is set to be played between 2 players aged 10 years and up and each round is estimated to last around 45 minutes.

Godrem was created in Costa Rica and it is estimated to be shipped during 2015 only in this country, an international version hasn’t been planned yet, but it is hoped to be spawned thanks to the success of it’s local release.

We’ll keep posting news about this awesome project made by our friend, in the meantime we welcome you to check Godrem’s official facebook page.


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