Stars Wagon PC version preview

After a little over a month of its release on mobile (March 5th 2015) we, at Amsgames, are proud to announce that the standalone version of Stars Wagon will be released soon for PC / Mac and Linux.

The company is planning to release the game on many major indie game stores like Itch.IO and IndeGameStand; and will cost $1.99 (USD) same as “Full Access Denovar” In-App purchase found at the game’s version in the App Store and Google Play Store.

The following “LETS PLAY” video on Story Mode Level 6 (3rd Boss), is Stars Wagon PC version preview with some of the new features and upgrades made to the game:

Change log:

  • Screen shake effect on damage taken or enemy hit.
  • More particle effects on scene.
  • Burst particle effect.
  • Movement tray particle effect.
  • Controller support.
  • Adjusted GUI screen resolution for platform.

After this version is released, the company will begin testing the new features in hopes of keeping some for an update on the mobile version.

Stars Wagon PC gameplay preview

Stars Wagon

Stars Wagon

Control the forces of the enlightened beings of the aurora system and fight creatures called “Dark Ones” who wish to consume the light in the universe. Stars Wagon [...]

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