Stars Wagon live on Twitch during may

In order to promote and approach gamers prior its release in Desura on May 31st, Amsgames is going to play Stars Wagon “Standalone Edition” live on Twitch during may.

The live stream will take place on the company’s official Twitch channel on May 4th, May 11th, May 18th and May 25th of 2015; each session is planned to last between 20 to 30 minutes during which the developers will play Story and Challenge modes and will answer questions from the viewers.

Official Twitch channel:

Program planned:

Date Time What will happen?
May 4th 2015 6:00 pm (PT) – Story mode gameplay.- Q&A.
May 11th 2015 6:00 pm (PT) – Story mode gameplay.- Q&A.
May 18th 2015 6:00 pm (PT) – Story mode gameplay.- Challenge mode gameplay.- Q&A.
May 25th 2015 6:00 pm (PT) – Challenge mode gameplay.- Q&A.

PT = Pacific Time.

If for some reason someone is not going to be able to watch it on time, the company plans to record and publish each session on Amsgames’s YouTube channel after they were live streamed. The company also plans to split the session recordings if Q&A takes too long, although the session will automatically end after 1 hour of being live streamed.

Stars Wagon

Stars Wagon

Control the forces of the enlightened beings of the aurora system and fight creatures called “Dark Ones” who wish to consume the light in the universe. Stars Wagon [...]

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UPDATE: Part 1 from May 4th 2015.


UPDATE: Part 2 from May 11th 2015.


UPDATE: Part 3 from May 18th 2015.

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