Stars Wagon at IGDA CR 2015 Expo

This past Saturday, 3rd of October of 2015, Amsgames presented Stars Wagon at “3ra Muestra de Videojuegos Costarricenses“, an expo organized by IGDA CR (International Game Developers Association Chapter Costa Rica) and Ministerio de Cultura of Costa Rica at the CENAC (Centro Nacional de la Cultura).


The game was one of the 16 games presented during the expo, along side Color Guardians (from Fair Play Labs), Lithium (from CanuARTs) and Play Pause Stop (from Headless Chicken Games) just to name a few. All the games presented were developed by studios or teams based in Costa Rica (our Stars Wagon team is from there).

411 attendees had the opportunity to play and test these games, from which only one had the lucky to beat Stars Wagon hardest boss (from level 16th). Gamers had the chance to play the space shooter from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, time in which the event ended.

Stars Wagon game played by a gamer at IGDA Costa Rica 2015 expo


This is the second Amsgames’ participation, last year the company presented Golden Black, for the first time before its Kickstarter Campaign, and The Gray Girl at IGDA 2014, read the full article here. The company plans to show the game in a couple of expos more that will take place during 2015.

Happy games playing Stars Wagon game at IGDA Costa Rica 2015 expo


Games playing Stars Wagon game at IGDA Costa Rica 2015

Stars Wagon

Stars Wagon

Control the forces of the enlightened beings of the aurora system and fight creatures called “Dark Ones” who wish to consume the light in the universe. Stars Wagon [...]

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