Amsgames at IGDA Costa Rica's 2014 event

Amsgames will participate in IGDA Costa Rica’s 2014 event to take place at Casa de la Cultura Jose Figueres Ferrer on October 25th. IGDA (International Game Developers Association) Costa Rica is organizing an event to create awareness and help improve the gaming industry in this country. During the event, various game development companies, studios and entities […]

Prototype testing phase of our new game

In May 2013 our new game (codename: PP) was born as an innovative concept in paper; today, after long months of designing, prototyping and developing, we have published the game for private prototype testing; just weeks before the project’s publish on Kickstarter. The prototype version has been published at Google’s Play Store and will become […]

WB Climate reaches 2000 downloads

WB Climate, the climate change game for Android, made as an entry for the Wold Bank’s  “Climate Change Challenge“, reached a new milestone of more than 2000 downloads since its publish in 2012 without any advertisement efforts. Helping raise the awareness! The app The game was developed by Jose Cruz (@GuilliHo), Pablo Valda (@Chalto) and myself (@amostajo) […]

The Gray Girl's reactions

Overall there have been good reactions and feedback towards “The Gray Girl“; obviously, as mentioned in the previous article , the current version of the game lacks from things the team wanted to add due to the deadline. Thankfully the game got Kotaku’s attention by the hand of Editor Steve Marinconz, who made a hilarious […]

The Gray Girl and Global Game Jam 2014

Global Game Jam (GGJ) is an special event in every Indie Developer’s schedule, for some it represents the satisfaction of sharing the enjoyment of developing video games, a moment to make your skills shine and for others it can be the initial push needed to get into the industry. GGJ 2014 was my second jam […]

WB Climate a year after status

Back on February 2012, the studio decided to help publish the game WB Climate, an entry for the World Bank’s climate app challenge competition. The game was developed for the Android platform, in less than 2 months, by Alejandro Mostajo (@amostajo), Jose Cruz (@GuilliHo) and Pablo Valda (@Chalto); and it’s main goal was to create […]

WB Climate interview by Costa Rica's newspaper

One of Costa Rica’s most important newspapers, La Nacion, invited Alejandro Mostajo, one of WB Climate’s developers, to talk about the game, it’s development process and the World Bank’s “Apps for climate” competition. The interview covers Alejandro’s comments on how the project was born, what is the game’s purpose, how the game interacts with the World […]