The Gray Girl's reactions

Overall there have been good reactions and feedback towards “The Gray Girl“; obviously, as mentioned in the previous article , the current version of the game lacks from things the team wanted to add due to the deadline.

Thankfully the game got Kotaku’s attention by the hand of Editor Steve Marinconz, who made a hilarious video of him playing the game.

Chasing The Gray Girl Is Kind Of Like Desert Bus


The Gray Girl was also included in Kotaku’s watchlist as part of samples of games from the Global Game Jam 2014 and got a small individual article from Steve.

On social networks, suggestions like speeding up the gameplay by time and more obstacles have been made.

The team involved in “The Gray Girl” wants to thank Steve and Kotaku for taking their time into playing Global Game Jam games and for highlighting our game. And at last but not least, a special thanks to everyone who tried the game.


The game

The source code is open and the repository is public at GitHub, if you want to know how we did what we did, then go there an take a look; you can comment this article if you have any questions related with the code :).

This year’s GGJ left us more than 4000 games developed around the world and The Gray Girl is one of them.

The Gray Girl

The Gray Girl

Published by AMSGAMES CHALLENGES. The Gray Girl is an endless runner game developed by A. Fernandez, A. Mostajo, G. Meono, D. Paut and M. Villalobos for The Global [...]

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